Sunday, August 9, 2020

Think on the good things ...

Can you believe how quickly summer is winding down? Time is really flying, I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or what 😆 Just posting some "summer memories" before it's time to pull out the fall stuff. I'm not rushing the change of seasons any more than it is, but savoring the good things that made me smile amidst the havoc that's going on in the world. 

The 2 terra-cotta containers were a score last year from Good Will. I liked the distressed patina so I did not scrub them clean, but left them as they are and popped in some cool white sunflowers. The "Bee" pillows I purchased from Walmart's garden section for 5 bucks each, they are indoor/outdoor pillows and have held up well in the summer elements. The Bees remind me to "Bee Happy" (I know that's corny 🙄), but also if bees can carry their body weight with those fragile wings and STILL get all that work done, what's my excuse ! 😂 Then, there were the dying Portulaca plants that I brought home from Lowes for about a dollar each and by just giving it water, a little plant food and tender care, they sprung back to life and have rewarded me with an abundance of blooms all summer! Just a reminder today to think on good things, don't allow yourself to spend precious time wallowing in and pondering on things that cause you to be angry, stressed and anxious. I call it "marinating in the stress and worry sauce"...well don' I leave you the words of Apostle Paul to the Philippians, a man that was beaten more than once, misunderstood many times, accused falsely, imprisoned wrongly, rejected by his own, but consider it an honor to serve the The Most High Yah (God) are his words from Philippians 4:8-9 

"Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on THESE things. The things which you've learned, received, heard and saw in me [Paul], these do, and the Yah (God) of peace will be with you."

Sunday, July 26, 2020


I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was out with a dear friend that was treating me to a late birthday brunch and while standing and waiting for our order this is what happened: A man who I did not know nor did he know me and was about the same age as myself, walked up to me, pointed his finger and yelled "You have to pull that mask over your nose!" To give you a back detail, I had on a cotton mask but had slid the center top portion just under the rim of my nose to briefly catch some fresh air. Side note: it's been medically proven that breathing in your own Carbon Dioxide for an extended amount of time can lead to hypercapnia. If you want the meaning of that word, please look it up on, I'm not here to debate or argue, just stating my management of my own personal health. I assure you that my mask was securely in place covering my mouth and the bottom portion of my face, at that moment I had just slipped it just below my nostrils. GOT IT? got it.

To make this story short, this man yelled at me disrespectfully 3 times, each time getting louder and louder and each time I said to him "Sir Mind your business". To be perfectly honest, the third time that he yelled at me as if I was an ignorant child, I said "Mind your business" and added a choice word, not a cuss word, but one appropriate for the way he was acting and with that he flew into a frenzy and started yelling at the manager that had stepped out from the counter. By now I had pulled the mask the 1/1000000th of an inch over my nose and said to the man " There are you satisfied?" and with that he went into a rage again yelling at the manager to do something about me, and y'all the man looked like he may have been frothing at the mouth, seriously. Being raised in a segregated south and the civil rights movement, I admit that I still have flashbacks of what could happen when people are in a rage; so when the manager asked ME to leave the store and that he would bring my order out to me, I exited not wanting to further cause a scene. I left to wait outside all while the man who had come into my space yelling, pointing a finger and demanding me to do what HE said, remained in the store to get his order. He was still yelling by the way as if he had accomplished his mission of having me punished...for trying to get a whiff of fresh air mind you...all while not being 6 feet around no one until HE decided to come into my space.

 After a while and talking the situation over with my friend who had missed it all as she was out finding a table outside for us, I called my son to share what had just happened. He listened calmly and patiently, asked where I was and we ended the conversation. Well HONEY when I looked up, what seemed to be only 5 minutes later (the ride from his home is at least 15 -20 minutes on a good traffic day), HE WAS THERE! My son is a gentleman, non capricious, slow to speak before analyzing, deep thinker, justice lover and righteous warrior, those are just a few attributes. So when I saw him coming I was like "OK, THIS is going to get handled." My "attacker/accuser" had already left out the side door with a smirk in my direction as I waited at the table for our order. So by Yah's (God's) Grace, he missed it or should I say he ESCAPED it 😅. My son spoke to the manager that had asked me to leave the store (which he nervously denied doing) in a strong, manly and respectful attitude to let him know that this was not handled appropriately, it was my attacker who should have been asked to leave, and that THIS kind of thing should not have happened. My son handled it thoroughly, graciously and in excellence leaving no stone unturned. I think that manager may have experienced what the "fear of God" may feel like without any threats. 😃

 I also believe that the manager, in his attempt to calm this man down, he chose me the lesser of what he saw as a threat, to defuse this man's rage. The cost of my degradation, embarrassment and insult that I suffered in this did not weigh in comparison of what he thought this man could do to him as far as his position in that store...that is sad. I hope that he makes some changes after that talk he had with my son, if not and he continues to protect people that verbally abuse the customers, he may find himself on a social media live recording exposing his personal information and the rest is history.

 As for my "attacker/accuser" let me make this "public service announcement" to him and others that believe it is their "duty" and "privilege' to accost people they do not know in public places to DEMAND that they provide ID for proof of their presence, to DEMAND that they abide by what they say are the "rules" and "laws", who DEMAND that they wear a mask or any other item in the way THEY say it should be worn instead of going to the manager and allowing things to be done in decency and order, who believe it is THEIR right to degrade, stalk and speak condescendingly to an individual or group because you believe you are superior...let me give you a friendly warning...don't. do. that. If you take it upon yourself to step into someone's space uninvited, you may find yourself posted publicly on every social media, the privacy of you and your family totally exposed and possibly your career ruined. This is not a threat, just a warning from someone that believes and say "Enough is Enough" Learn to respect others as you would want yourself and your loved ones to be respected. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Sunday, June 28, 2020


“Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, Yet I will not forget you." Isaiah 49:15

 I was just outside watering my garden and as the hot scorching sun beamed down on my neck and back it became increasingly uncomfortable. I began to think about my ancestors that worked in the cotton and tobacco fields from sun up tp sun down in the scorching heat of the south. I immediately felt guilty for being such a wimp when they had endured a thousand times worst. My people did this for hundreds of years and while some may say "Well that was then...".

 I can still remember even as a small child in the Jim Crow south accompanying my family members to the fields, where I sat on a blanket and watched them pick cotton and "put in" tobacco to get extra money for school and other supplies. They worked for mere coins and though they were not in the fields from sun up to sundown like our ancestors and were "paid", still they were oppressed by every meaning of the word. My family was blessed in that both my parents were able to stand strong and provide necessities like food, a home and education for the family, so some will say "Well see, you came out of it alright, why look back?" I remember because not only my parents but all of my ancestors paid a heavy. heavy price. A price so high that people can't or don't want to hear about it. Atrocities and experiences of not only my ancestors, but even as current as my immediate family and myself, but I do not seek pity, I do not desire an apology, I only pray for justice. We are beyond having sit down talks and discussions on racial reconciliation, that has been done for decades and there is still no change. True change only comes from the heart.

 I can not judge anyone's heart, but Yah (God) can. What we see happening in the media is the exposure of man's hearts, what's in there is coming out. It is Yah's (God's) doing. In His mercy, He has given each of us a time to get it it's His time and He does not forget.There are other peoples and nations that have been through oppression, but my race is the only race that has been told to "Forget about it, that was the past." and that is highly offensive because those same people would NEVER tell someone of Jewish descent to forget the Holocaust, "...that was the past." It would not only be highly offensive, but you would not get away with it, trust me...and yet my people and myself personally have been told that over and over again.

I am not angry, but this is the season when what was upside down is being turned right side up; yes, there is shifting and unrest and I've heard many say "This feels different, things are not the same", but Yah (God) has a plan. Our hearts must be clean before Him, transparent, honest and opened to receive and obey His leading. #Neverforget

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


I have a confession...yesterday was a "gray" day for me. Gray meaning it was a somber day, a sobering day, a day of introspection and sorrow. Sometimes we think we are handling things ok, but then you get slammed by deep reality. You can do one of two things, hopefully I chose the best, I submitted it to Yah (God) and He began the healing process.

It began when I read the results of the second autopsy done on George Floyd, all of you should be familiar with the name of the man that is now known as recently being murdered by a policeman. Before you turn me off and say "All policeman are not like that" hear me when I say that I know this and this is not about policemen, this is about hate. Growing up in the south during segregation and the Civil rights movement, I have seen and experienced racism first hand. I know what it is like to be called ugly names, have to drink at a separate water fountain and use a separate bathroom with the sign "Colored" or not have public facilities at all. I know what it is like to attend a theatre, pay the same amount of money as whites, yet having to sit up in the balcony in far less comfortable conditions. I know what it is like to see little children of your same age call your mother by her first name. I know what it is like to be afraid to go into certain stores or go to certain parts of town not knowing if you would be told to leave or chased out. I could go on but this was during all my childhood and young adult life. My first year of college, the preceding semester three black men were killed in town by angry white men because the young men were marching for desegregation, the opportunity to sit down at the same lunch counter as whites. You get the picture...

Saying all that to say that I have seen hate, I have seen its ugly glare from cold overtly condescending eyes and I have seen it behind covertly fake smiles and dismissive attitudes. I can recognize it well, but... When I read how George Floyd died, it broke me. When I read how he was unmercifully held down while handcuffed, how his neck and spine were held down in such a way that his diaphragm was restricted to expand fully and when he did catch a breath he cried for mercy. How he cried for them to let him breathe, how he cried out for his deceased broke me. This is nothing new, it is a part of the history of this country...but this broke me...

I saw hate at a whole new level. This same police officer and the officers that also pressed down on this handcuffed man, if they saw someone do this to one of their police dogs, they would've arrested them for cruelty to animals and yet...they did this to a human being, seemingly with no remorse or care...that is pure evil. It showed me that hatred and evil is very bold and brazen and that I can no longer try to make sense of something so destructive and intolerable. I won't tolerate the remarks made by people that refuse to accept the facts of acts such has been happening for hundreds of years to my people. Those who blow it off with statements like "If you don't like it here, then leave." or "I wasn't a slave owner so don't blame me." Yah has given me His love for all people, but He has also given me a new resolve, determination and boldness to speak the Truth.

Sometimes in order for a bone to be healed, it must be broken and reset. I was broken in my spirit by these recent events, but Yah (God) is "resetting" me to be stronger and bolder in Him. Most importantly He is close to me in this whole process. To Him be All Glory and Praise!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Enjoying your home...

Good day Y'all! Being greeted by this beautiful yellow begonia plant lifts my spirit and already brightens my day. (Thank you to the lady and her sweet Mom for gifting this to me)

I always say that home/condo/apartment owners should make their homes a place where they enjoy being. I don't entertain much, but I like making home a place that is warm, cozy, and enjoyable by surrounding myself with the things I love. It's not about making it a showplace, but making it a safe place for you and your family to relax, enjoy and to be refreshed from the outside world. Some of my fondest memories is my husband saying very often after a long, hard day at work, "I like being home." It gave me great pleasure to know that I had made a house...a home for us...and I enjoyed it!

It doesn't take much nor does it costs much, it starts with the desire to create it for yourself and your family. Have a great day and remember..."Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They [mercies] are new every morning Great is Your faithfulness!" Lamentations 3:22-23

Time for some oil y'all

Yard work on this beautiful windy morning. Thinking how I can buy expensive garden tools and also cheap garden tools but eventually they all need a good oil/lubricant treatment every now and then to keep on working. A little maintenance on a regular basis will extend the operative life and make it give an optimum performance when it’s needed.

So it is with us...being in quarantine may have worn the patience thin of a Mom or Dad of school age children; may have caused strained relationships between husbands and wives who aren’t used to being in the house with each other all day, some may have become depressed with no distraction to keep them from drudging up not so good memories; tempers may easily erupt, boredom may be setting In (Proof with everyone creating their avatars lol) .

You ask can all this come from just being in isolation? You betcha. So I am saying all this to just remind you all that sometimes we just need some maintenance, a good oiling. Sometimes we need to kick back and allow Yah (God) to help you to refresh yourself, because when you rest in Him, He will help you to “perform “ your duties at the optimum when needed and give you peace that will extend your life by calming your depression, anxiety and irritability. Let Him be your “Oil of gladness”, (Psalms 45:7) yes even in this time of social distancing and isolation. This is our maintenance time. A time to regroup, be built up and strengthen to be prepared for the next season. 

“Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of Yah (God)” Acts 3:19

Monday, April 6, 2020

Snuggle in...

"But let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread Your protection over them, that those who love Your Name may rejoice in You." Psalms 5:11

Early this morning as I sat on the back porch in the quiet as the sun began to rise, my dogs joined me. The little one shivered in the cool morning air, so I picked him up and wrapped him in my shawl. I could feel his little sigh of relief as he snuggled even deeper...he felt safe, warm and secure. We as humans want that feeling feel protected,

When my husband passed, one of the most challenging steps of grief for me, was the feeling of being unprotected, feeling lost, vulnerable, exposed to harm and danger. I felt that I had lost my covering and was left without any protection. However... the most challenging step was not the longest one to get through. Through the prayers of myself and others, and getting to know Yahuah (God) more intimately, I came to know that HE is my Protection, my Refuge, my Strong Tower. Our protection from Him is an individual plan as we trust in Him.

I've learned that I can cling to Him and He will wrap His Presence around me making me feel protected, safe and secure. During these times of the pandemic, I have seen so much fear among people. I dare not dismiss the severity of current conditions, but I also know that for those that take refuge in Him, submit to Him and Love and honor His Name, He WILL spread His protection over you, on that you can depend. Him today, snuggle up in His Arms, settle in, so that you can give a sigh of relief and assurance.

Think on the good things ...

Can you believe how quickly summer is winding down? Time is really flying, I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or wha...