Saturday, November 14, 2020

Even In Old Age...

"In old age, they shall bear fruit..."
Usually with each birthday it brings about a mind set of "taking inventory" of the accomplishments as well as the failures in your life; especially once you've pass the 40 or 50 year mark. You finally begin to realize just how precious life is and that we actually DO age! LOL
I remember when I turned 40. I was working in the Investment department of a large bank. They celebrated my "coming of age" by decorating with bunches and bunches of BLACK balloons and BLACK streamers, posters with "Lordy, Lordy Look Who's FORTY" and cards that informed me that NOW I would see what life is REALLY all about and listed the ailments and crises that were sure to follow. They were happy for me...right! They were rejoicing that I was no longer "young" and had joined the ranks of true adulthood. You should have seen those usually serious faced, grey haired bank execs in their suits and ties (had to wear that back then) prancing around eating cake decorated with BLACK letters on paper plates imprinted with a HUGE 40, guess in what color? You got it BLACK! Wait! was this a funeral or a birthday party??!!! I guess now they could look at me, as being old now just like them! 😃 I couldn't get depressed because I was too fascinated watching them in their glee😃 I didn't know whether to be grateful that they had taken so much time and spent so much money to "celebrate" me OR to be scared that these people are happy that I'm getting OLD. 😂 I have to admit though, after that the camaraderie did seem to get better. 😊 What a difference a day can make, one day you're 39 and the next you're the dreaded 40.
Well, that was a while ago and my journey has taken me through many people, places and things and even though it's not near my birthday, recently I was thinking about what positive or negative effect have I had in this world. I guess we all have those times, you know, when you're wondering about your purpose in this life. There is nothing wrong with "wondering" as long as when we are done we will know that we DO have a purpose and our lives have meaning. It is so sad when people believe that they have no worth or purpose and decide to check out on their own. When they've given up and are no longer around to see or hear just how important they were and a positive effect in the lives of others.
Recently during my season of "wondering" about my purpose, I was at the check out counter of Target and noticed that the young cashier was very pregnant. I casually struck up a conversation with her and she began to express some of her fears about having a first baby, if her baby would be healthy and strong and would she be a good mother. Instantly I went into "mother mode" and began to share with her about how I was a very young, 19 years old mother, inexperienced and immature in a whole bunch of things. Her interest was peeked and she even teared up as I encouraged her that she IS a good mother and because she loves her child she WILL do all that she can to make sure he (it's a boy) will be fine. We talked for another minute or two and I felt the love of Yah (God) pour from me to that young woman, there was a warm, sweet presence as I shared with her my past journey and how with the help of Yah (God) I learned to be a good mother and now grandmother.
Walking out of the store afterwards, my step was lighter, my head held a little higher and with a smile on my face, I whispered "Thanks Father for reminding me of my purpose, for making me...ME and for allowing me to see that it is not about titles or positions, notoriety or fame, but it is about being YOUR Hands, YOUR Voice and YOUR Heart to those that maybe no one else will notice or see."
Let me encourage you today, if you are concerned and maybe wondering what is your purpose because you are getting older or you've had a major life change, know this, you DO have purpose and worth. You are not a mistake or mishap, you are on this planet for this time and this season, so begin to pray and ask Yah (God) to show you your purpose and He will. I guarantee you it will not be complicated or confusing, it will be as plain as the nose on your face and even closer. We all have much fruit to bear, yes even oldies like me. Be encouraged, never give up, there is ALWAYS have much fruit to still bear, so get to goin' 😄

Saturday, October 31, 2020

No Birthdays in Heaven...

It seems redundant to say “Happy Birthday in Heaven” when I know that there are no birthdays in Eternity the celebrations are not about someone’s birth but I believe a continual celebration of the One Who died, rose again and is now Crowned as King of Kings and sits at the right Hand of the Father. Those that surround that Throne and join with the Angels saying “Holy, Holy” in eternal gratitude that they chose to accept His gift and find themselves in His Presence forever and ever; that is where my late husband is...not because he was a perfect man, but because he chose to accept the gift of forgiveness of his sins and walk the rest of his life in the salvation that Yah (God) so generously offered to him and all of us.

My late husband’s last words were praise...”HalleluYAH! Thank You Lord! HalleluYAH “ he said with his last bit of strength over and over. It astounded the doctor and nurses. How can someone who was approaching the end of his life still praise God? I believe because he knew where he was going. Not because any of us are good enough nor deserve it, but because he had not only accepted the gift of salvation but had walked it out before Yah (God) and man. So He went peacefully and I remember it literally felt as if someone had left the room, so much that I involuntarily turned to look at the closed door. He was no longer there with us, but in the Presence of the One Who gave His life for us.

So I celebrate not his Birthday which is today, but I celebrate his life. He was an extraordinarily good husband, father, brother, Uncle etc etc...he was a good man and I love him still.

For those today that are grieving the loss of a love one, I understand and may I pray for you now?Father, I come to You this morning and I lift up those that are grieving a loved one, I may understand in some small way, but You know EXACTLY how they are feeling. I ask that You send your Holy Spirit to comfort them. Send them Your Peace and Your Love that can only satisfy the longing in their soul. Let them know how much You love them and will never leave them alone ; that as they call on You, You are faithful to answer. Help them today to trust Your Love and that it’s ok to surrender their pain and sadness to You, help them to trust that in return You will give them unexplainable Joy, Peace and Strength. HalleluYAH 🥰

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Running on fumes...

I have this practice in recent months that as soon as my car's gas tank gets down about a quarter, I make sure to refill. My thinking is that in case there's a sudden shortage on gas and all the stations are shut down, I will have at least a near full tank. The
"pandemic" has expanded my ways of thinking about being prepared.
However, as carefully as I try to monitor my car's gas tank, sometimes I can get careless with my spiritual tank. I confess that there have been times when my "tank" has been almost on empty, whether it is because of the cares of life, stress both emotional and physical, or just plain laziness...I KNOW when I am getting near that empty sign and the dangers that comes with it.
I can tell when I'm operating on spiritual "fumes", when it becomes too easy to respond in similar manner to a rude person. Yep, like when that person cuts you off in traffic and you respond by blowing your horn long and hard along with a few degrading words (I don't cuss but my words are just as cutting)...OR if someone says something smart... oh boy is it so VERY easy to give them an even smarter answer back. I can also tell when I'm on low when my patience and tolerance are almost non existent. Yep, at those times the attitude "chip" that is on my shoulder is so big it's more like a boulder!

During those times for me there is no joy, no peace, no contentment. The fact is that I have no one to blame but myself. I have allowed myself to let my relationship with Yah (God) go unattended, by not spending my alone time with Him. I have allowed myself not to find that "Place" and talk to Him, read His Word and just sit in His presence; when those times have not become priority. I have allowed the trials and pride of life to supersede the importance of making Him first and for HIM to sit on the throne of my heart.
I am being totally transparent when I say that I DO have those times and its not pretty. I make no excuses because there are none. You may ask "Well, where is that "place" to find Him?" The answer is, that "place" is you...wherever YOU are is the place to find Him and talk to Him. I am amazed at His love for me, because each time that I fail, I come running back in repentance and He is always there to grab me up and embrace me once again.
These last 7 or so months has exposed, revealed and instigated a lot of things and two of them have been our actions and reactions, if there is one good thing out of this mess, it is that we are getting a real opportunity to see who we really are. That is why we have to continually keep coming to the Source of our salvation, peace, joy, strength and life itself to be filled over and over again. We cannot afford to be near "empty", so I pray that you will join me in asking Yah (God) to fill us each day with HIS goodness. He is a Source that will NEVER run out. May we always remember the road that runs back to His arms.
"For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness." Psalms 107:9

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Bees, telephone wires, more bees and other things...

For the past 2 weeks there have been a "series" of let's just say interesting things going on around my abode. Well, actually there weren't bees but Yellowjackets that had so graciously made a nest by entering a tiny hole in the siding of the house and "building" their domain in between the outside wall and the inner garage wall. They rewarded my good nature of allowing them to live rent free by attacking the workers that came to remove some bushes AND by deciding that they needed some down time recreation from "working" for the Queen so hard; by finding an opening and entering into the garage. Which means the garage for me was off imagine that, me, a grown woman put on restriction in my own garage by about 5 ANGRY Yellow jackets. They acted as if it was I that had trespassed on to THEIR property! Once I boldly said out loud to them, "You're not the boss of me!" as I attempted to put the trash in the garage...yeah that worked...they promptly stung me on the arm so fast I didn't even see it coming!
Then there was the house telephone giving up the ghost and deciding that it did not want to work anymore. I don't know which was worst, the phone not working properly or the customer service that didn't really want to service the customer "Me", but kept passing me around and keeping me on hold for up to 40 minutes, only to be disconnected by a friendly robot voice saying "Goodbye". Yep, had to start all over again; Robot: "Tell me what your call is about", then "Press #2 if you are calling to update your service". ME: "Can't I just get ANY service from a human being!!!!!" AAARRRRGH
Anyway, with these things going on along with the everyday pop ups, it was beginning to get under my skin. I mean, I was at the point that if one of my dogs would whine one more time to get attention, I was going to lock him in his crate and throw away the key! I don't really have a key of course, but I could've made one...or something like that... those eyes got me though after I yelled , I love my dogs...when they don't whine. LOL
Anyway, it all worked out and the Holy Spirit had to remind of some advise I had given my neighbor just weeks before, who was in a similar situation with multiple things going on at once..."You can only take care of one thing at a time and it will ALL get done!" I felt great when I was telling HER that, but I had to chuckle when I realized i needed to take my OWN advice.
I hated (riiiight) to say goodbye to the aggressive, angry Yellowjackets, but they weren't willing to negotiate and stay on their turf, so since I was bigger THEY had to go at the tune of $$$$$ and a very professional and thorough exterminator. BYE BEES. The phone issue was taken care too, after many attempts and tolerating some people that seemed to be as frustrated with their jobs as I was with the their service. In time it all worked what am I saying?
If you're going through some things and it seems overwhelming right now, just remember, you can only do what you can and the rest will fall into will eventually all get done, just hold on to your joy! BTW I very much dislike the "Bee" Pillows I used on the front porch this past summer! I wonder if THAT'S what made the Yellowjackets feel so welcomed ??? 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

"My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,  knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be [b]perfect and complete, lacking nothing. "  James 1:2-4

Saturday, September 12, 2020


I believe that you've noticed that the atmosphere of this country has changed. It seems that tolerance and tempers have been shortened, anger that at one time laid dormant has sprung to life. I was in a grocery store yesterday and a person lost complete control and was so unreasonably rude to the cashiers that security had to be called in.
The wearing of masks and the 6ft. apart policy designed for our health safety has added fuel to the demise of any societal unity or cordiality we may have experienced in the past. We can no longer see expressions, so we avoid eye contact; so even if you smile at someone they cannot see it so they turn away and it can be interpreted as a brush off. Let me be clear, this is not a soapbox stand against wearing masks but it is an observance of how things are changing so rapidly in this world and I don' t believe that it will ever be the same...which leads to this...
For people that are putting their trust in whomever wins this next presidential election, I say you may be sorely disappointed. I am not a "Debbie Downer" nor a "Mistress of Doom", what I'm saying is what I have observed, read and heard from the people themselves. If our hope is in a man, then we are setting ourselves up for great delusion. No "man" has all the answers and solutions and while I know that from history Yah (God) HAS used men and women to bring about HIS plans...we are now in a different dispensation of time. Now it is in HIS HANDS, the steering wheel has been removed from us and now HE is in total control.
Time and time again we have been given the opportunity to set things right but instead many in leadership have chosen to do things their way. When we called for a leader, Yah (God) gave us what we wanted, when we chose to put aside Yah's (God's) law He did not force us for He that has given us free will would NEVER force us to follow Him. When our eyes ceased to focus on Him, things began to slowly go here we are...
Here is my point and I humbly say this, realize that what we see going on today is not a result of Yah (God) not caring or has somehow forgotten us, no, this is a culmination of what we have brought on ourselves. I always say that Yah (God) gets blamed for a whole lot of stuff that was and is not His doing, remember He gave us a free will. but here's the remarkable thing, He is STILL watching over us, His Love has not changed. He's waiting for us to realize that this Earth and those in it are HIS. As the saying of some mothers goes when they are upset with their children "I brought you in this world, I can take you out!" , We have to come to our senses that Yah (God) can "take us out" any time He wants, but in His awesome mercy, He is giving us an opportunity to realize that our trust must be in HIM ALONE and no other.
Turn to HIM, then trust Him that He will lead and guide you in the days to come...
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Monday, September 7, 2020

The Model...

"Our Father in heaven, hallowed (reverenced) be Your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our debts (sins), as we forgive our debtors. and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen. Matthew 6:9-13

 Most of us have learned this prayer at a very young and tender age; and it comes easily to remembrance when asked to repeat it at an event, but have we really taken the time to explore its meaning? When you read the whole chapter, this prayer that has been made into a statement recitation or chant if you will , is the answer to the disciples' request of Yissa'Yah (Jesus/Yashua), "Teach us HOW to pray". He precedes to give them the basics or a template of how to communicate with the Father. We call it "The Lord's Prayer" when really it should be "Our Model Prayer," but somehow it has become THEE absolute prayer for some. Some even think that if you say this prayer a certain number of times it will "Get ya in". I don't believe Yah (God) has a point system like that, because if He did a lot of us would be in trouble, including me. What Yissa'Yah (Jesus) was saying was this is HOW you pray not WHAT you repeat over and over out of habit or as a staple when there's trouble. What Yah (God) wants from us is relationship and communication. He of course looks at the heart, but I am sure that He would also LOVE to hear about the other stuff in our lives, our concerns, our fears, even our joy and accomplishments, you know, things you would say to a GOOD father. He desires to communicate with us, He wants to hear our hearts and He wants us to "hear" His.

 In "The Lord's Prayer" Yissa'Yah (Jesus) established that you first acknowledge WHO Yah (God) is to YOU and that you submit to His will; secondly, you acknowledge that HE is the provider of all sustenance and request it from Him; third, you ask Him to forgive your sins and the sins of those that have offended us in some way, fourth, you ask that He deter you from any thing that is not good for us and for His protection from all harm and danger by the enemy of our soul and then lastly, you acknowledge that ALL belongs to Him and we give Him all praise and glory. I'd say Yissa'Yah (Jesus) covered it really well don't you think? NOW we must use that "model" to develop our relationship with the Father. Be real when you talk to Him, He's never surprised by anything that we say and He really does know our motives and the intent of our hearts. He knows when we are honestly and earnestly seeking Him and His help or if we are merely repeating something that was taught to us as a child.

The days ahead are going to get really rocky, I have heard some say it will come sooner than we think. There is no need to fear UNLESS, you have not developed and maintained a close relationship with Yah (God) and received His Son, Yissa'Yah as your Savior/Messiah/Redeemer as the sacrifice for your sins. PERiOD. Better to be safe than sorry...we've been given the "model" prayer, so we are without excuse. Here is an unwarranted tip: Use the "model" and ad-lib with your heart...He hears, He knows, He sees, He is waiting for you...

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Think on the good things ...

Can you believe how quickly summer is winding down? Time is really flying, I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or what 😆 Just posting some "summer memories" before it's time to pull out the fall stuff. I'm not rushing the change of seasons any more than it is, but savoring the good things that made me smile amidst the havoc that's going on in the world. 

The 2 terra-cotta containers were a score last year from Good Will. I liked the distressed patina so I did not scrub them clean, but left them as they are and popped in some cool white sunflowers. The "Bee" pillows I purchased from Walmart's garden section for 5 bucks each, they are indoor/outdoor pillows and have held up well in the summer elements. The Bees remind me to "Bee Happy" (I know that's corny 🙄), but also if bees can carry their body weight with those fragile wings and STILL get all that work done, what's my excuse ! 😂 Then, there were the dying Portulaca plants that I brought home from Lowes for about a dollar each and by just giving it water, a little plant food and tender care, they sprung back to life and have rewarded me with an abundance of blooms all summer! Just a reminder today to think on good things, don't allow yourself to spend precious time wallowing in and pondering on things that cause you to be angry, stressed and anxious. I call it "marinating in the stress and worry sauce"...well don' I leave you the words of Apostle Paul to the Philippians, a man that was beaten more than once, misunderstood many times, accused falsely, imprisoned wrongly, rejected by his own, but consider it an honor to serve the The Most High Yah (God) are his words from Philippians 4:8-9 

"Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on THESE things. The things which you've learned, received, heard and saw in me [Paul], these do, and the Yah (God) of peace will be with you."

Even In Old Age...

"In old age, they shall bear fruit..." Usually with each birthday it brings about a mind set of "taking inventory" of th...