Friday, June 24, 2016

He cares...

"O Lord, You have searched me and known me.
You know my sitting down and my rising up." Psalms 139:1

"Not AGAIN!" I said to myself as I frantically looked for my silver bracelet! My dogs looked at me from a safe distance, because they knew by the volume and tone of my voice, it was not the time for play. I knew for sure I had placed the bracelet in the same spot after taking it off a couple of weeks ago, but where was it?  You see this has happened before, matter of fact for a while seems like I was on a roll for losing things, but was having a reprieve, or so I thought!  

I looked everywhere all day long while doing deep breathing exercises to stay calm. I guess I was frustrated because I could not understand  why that stupid bracelet was not where it should have been. Plus... this commercial about memory loss and what that could mean kept coming on TV. I mean come on now, I only watch special programs on TV and the commercial was showing up on every channel I turned to! I was beginning to think I could hear the music theme from "The Twilight Zone" softly playing, while my dogs looked strangely at me! What in the world?????? Was I losing it? I mean my mind this time! I could have sworn that I put it right where it always goes!  

Finally, I got tired of looking and began to settle in my heart that it was just a bracelet and where ever it the county dump covered in the township's stinking garbage; on the the arm of a stranger or out on the street flat as a silver pancake after being ran over by a UPS truck (I saw all this in my mind in 3-D), it did not matter, there are other things more important and my life certainly did not depend upon it. So right eye STOP TICKING ! 

I prayed about it and began to prepare for bed, then a thought came to mind...a few days ago, I had found a couple of small sequined evening bags in a closet (Don't know why I am keeping them, have not used them in a thousand years!)  Anyway I temporarily laid them on top of the case where I kept the bracelet, afterwards storing them in a drawer. Suddenly I felt impressed to go to that drawer and look at those bags. I felt kind of silly doing that, especially after taking them out of the drawer and not seeing anything, but...wait a minute...just as I was putting them back I looked down in the drawer and there was the bracelet ! I probably would have not looked in that drawer again for a long time, if I had not been given that little "nudge". How often would I have needed to use a sequined evening bag...NEVER ! LOL

I picked up the bracelet and rejoiced! But it was not so much about the fact that I had found it, but that once again it was a reminder that God cares! Seriously I was laughing, crying and praising God at the same time, I deserved the strange looks from my dogs this time!  I was suddenly overwhelmed with the sense of how much He Loves and cares for us!  You may ask how can you get that out of finding a bracelet?  Because I know from experience, He knows all about me and He is concerned about every little detail of my life. Every hurt, every rejection, every misunderstanding, every failure, and also every joy.  He cares and feels what I feel, and He has been there all my life and before. To me it was like He was saying to me "Though you may feel lost and hidden sometimes, I KNOW where you are at all times, nothing and no one is hidden from Me." Isn't that a comforting thought...

I want to encourage you today, no matter what you may be going through, God knows all about it, there is nothing that is hidden from Him. He has not lost you and is frantically searching for you, He KNOWS just where you are and is patiently waiting for you to surrender those things that concern you and yes, even your whole self to Him. By surrendering does not mean you will lose anything, but you will gain everything that really matters.