Monday, April 5, 2010

The Comforter

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4

Pretty, yellow tulips, yes that’s what I want! The color of the flowers matched the bright sunny Easter day! After making my purchase I proceeded to drive to the cemetery. A place I used to dread going, but now that my husband’s memorial is there, I see the visit in a much different light. It is a time to meditate and tell God all about what I’m feeling. I don’t visit that often and have learned to only go when I feel the need.

After arranging the sunny yellow tulips in a container and placing it at my husband’s headstone, I begin to talk to my Father. It is a very intimate relationship I have with Him, He knows all about me and my shortcomings, how I miss the mark sometimes, how I fail and disappoint Him. And yet, I still feel free to come to Him and share openly how I feel…and He listens patiently. He is not shocked or surprised when I tell Him I am angry or frustrated. He does not reject me because I am not what we would consider “perfect”. He knows my hurts, my needs and He listens patiently.

When I am done silently emptying myself, it is then that I look up and see the flowers that have been placed on all the other gravesites. As far as I could see there were flowers, crosses and other memorials. Some had left stuffed animals and there were little flags flapping in the wind. And as I began to look around I saw the people; an elderly man placing flowers on a grave of perhaps his wife, a young woman kneeling at a site with her head bowed, a family surrounding a site, heads bowed, a man standing alone at a site looking off into the distance and a man helping an elderly woman, perhaps his mother, to place flowers on a site.

My tears no longer flowed for me and my loss, but they flowed out of compassion for them as the Lord spoke gently to my heart “You are not the only one that mourn”. Oh how my heart went out to them and I began to pray that somehow they would find comfort in the one true God.

When my focus was taken off of me and onto others, then I was able to experience the “Heart of God”. There is not one person that has not suffered some kind of loss and He wants to be our Comforter.

If you have experienced any kind of loss, whether it be a job, a marriage, a childhood or a loved one; please know that He is your Comforter, He wants to meet you at your need. You can talk to Him and He won't be the least shocked or suprised. Tell Him all about your hurt, you needs and He WILL be your Comforter.


CatMom said...

What a wonderful post, sweet friend! Your words spoke to my heart---in fact, this was exactly what I needed to read today (the Lord is so amazing!). ~ Blessings on you as you continue sharing your thoughts and wisdom with others, and may you always find comfort in our Heavenly Father.
Love, Patti Jo

Veronica said...

Thanks Patti Jo. What a wonderful comforter He is!
Love to you,