Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not so random acts of kindness...

"But the fruit if the Spirit of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, KINDNESS, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Galations 5:22-23

Someone came up with that phrase a few years ago, about people "...doing random acts of kindness." While I do appreciate the effort and sentiment into getting people to take notice to others needs and doing something about it. I scratch my head when it comes to the "random" part. The word "random" means -"occurring without definite aim, reason or pattern; without uniformity; to do something haphazardly." -Webster Dicitonary

Haphazardly? hmmm Well I guess it worked for some people, I mean I've seen numerous commercials on TV of one person helping someone across the street and then that person returns a purse to someone who has dropped it and it goes on and on in a chain reaction. But does it really work that easily? There are plenty of people that will see an act of kindness and it does not affect them at all...that is until THEY are the ones that needed an act of kindness and didn't receive it! Come on! If we are honest all of us surely knows someone that is NEVER kind to people and yet they expect to always be on the receiving end of that same kindness. Sad but true.

Sometimes I think that those of us that call ourselves Christians forget that kindness is one of the Fruits of the Spirit. In other words kindness is something that should not be just "randomly" done by us, but should be a way of life. Now before you go thinking that I'm pointing a finger at you...just remember as the saying goes, that the remaining four fingers are directed at me! I will be the first to raise my hand as guilty when it comes to not being kind all the time. But I WILL say that it is very high on my "to do" list and I do shoot for it every day. You hear that Lord? (smile)

If we could see the eternal value of just being kind to each other and to those that we come in contact with everyday, I am convinced that we would humbly take the task very seriously.

When my late husband was ill and on oxygen 24 hours a day, I cannot tell you how much kindness meant to us. When we would have to go in a public place with his oxygen tank in tow, when from amongst the stares (though innocent) someone would step forward and ask if we needed a hand or give up their seat for him to sit down; it was a blessing directly from God Himself.

Kindness has lasting consequences, I STILL remember back in 1994 when I was hospitalized for a brain aneurysm. It was several days after the surgery and I was on a gurney waiting in the hall for them to take me to have a post op test done. As I waited, all around me I could hear the conversations of the staff, it ran the gamut of what they would have for lunch to how soon they wanted to get off work. I was only clad in my hospital gown and a sheet and began to get very cold. I was still recuperating from the surgery and did not want to move around a lot to get someone's attention to ask for a blanket, so I just laid there, shaking from the cold. I remember talking to God and saying I sure wish I could have a blanket as I laid there waiting... and just as if I had said it out loud a person came to me, and looking down on me with such gentleness and kindness, asked me if I wanted a blanket. I nodded my head and within seconds felt the weight and warmth of the blanket they placed on me. Let me tell you at that moment just that act of kindness towards me meant more than you will ever know and remains with me 16 years later. God bless that person!

It always brings tears to my eyes when someone is kind to me (I'm still working on a self esteem issue and feel I don't deserve it, but I'm getting better (smile)). Kindness is a powerful act, I believe that is what attracted the people to Jesus as He walked this earth. Besides the fact that He was God in the flesh and He could do miracles...I still believe that it was the kindness in His eyes, His patience with the children, the sick, the ones that no one else wanted to be around and actually everyone, even the ones that hated Him. His kindness drew them in so that they had to either accept Him or reject Him for who He was. And I do not believe that His kindness came any easier than ours would. But He showed us that though it may not be easy to be kind, it is necessary. Because in doing so, we are the ones that are truly blessed with eternal consequences.

The other day I sat in my car at the gas station and across the isle a woman sat in her car with her two small children. She was crying almost uncontrollably , tears streaming down her face as she mouthed over and over again "Oh my God! Oh my God!" I looked away at first not wanting to stare, but my heart drew me back to her, sitting there, her children playing innocently in the back seat as she wept her heart out over God only knows. And then I remembered my times of despair, of pain and what it felt like. So taking the risk of being cursed out or told to mind my own business, I spoke out to her over the isle and asked if she was okay. She nodded her head but still with tears pouring out of her eyes. I then said to her " Miss, hang in there, it will be alright, take care of yourself." With that said she spoke back over to me with tears still streaming down her face "God bless you mam...God bless you!" I may never see this woman again on this earth, but as my sister and I prayed for her later, I hope that some how she knew that in her despair, in her time of pain and sadness, in this world that does not seem to care, there was someone crazy enough to shout out over the isle at a gas station to see if she was alright, and that just as I saw her, God could see her too.

Don't let your acts of kindness be just "random", be ready at all times to reach out and be kind to someone, because in doing so you will be so blessed.

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CatMom said...

What a wonderful, inspiring post, Veronica! I wish more folks could read your words---lots for us all to think about. ~ A BIG thank you for the sweet note you posted to me on the Writes of Passage blog---you are a sweetheart. I am improving each week, by the Grace of God, and know He will continue to be with me throughout this long recovery time. Love, Patti Jo