Thursday, January 12, 2012 from God

"The righteous care for the needs of their animals..." Proverbs 12:10a

Since as far back as I can remember I have been a lover of animals, especially dogs. Had a Collie mix, my brother brought home when I was a kid, loved that dog so much.  Named him Scottie (don't know why). He was my closest companion during those years.  Loved to run in the fields, give him a bath in a galvanized tub out on the front lawn and ride my bike with him galloping beside me wide open, with his tongue hanging out!  But one day he just never came home.  We believed that he was kidnapped, since he was such a beautiful and friendly dog.  I was very sad for a long time about losing him.

Then many years later, married with an 8 year old son, here comes into our lives...Scottie...our beloved mini schnauzer mix. We had him for 16 years. My son brought him home from a neighbor whose mini schnauzer had pups. "Mom can we keep him?, "I'll take care of him myself." You know who ended up doing all the work right? ;-) My son wanted to call him "Wolf" but we ended up calling him Scottie after my childhood pet.

What a sweetie he was...I still miss him. It has taken me about 18 years after losing Scottie II to get up the courage to get another pup. I looked for another Scottie, but I could never find another dog with the same temperament or personality. I don't see him in my new pup at all. That's because there was only one Scottie...

BrunoEach pet that I've had, I have tried my best to show them love and treat them well.  It is the least I can do with all the unconditional love and loyalty that they have given me.  I believe God made them that way.

If dogs are in heaven, I'm sure Scottie is there. Until I see him again I will enjoy Bruno, my fiesty, ornery but sweet chihuahua ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, our four legged companions are special and really are gifts to be treasured.

Sue said...

Veronica, thank you for your comment on my blog. It means the world to me that someone is praying for us.

Ann said...

Well after reading your lovely blog I just had to tell you where we went today, a dog home in Glasgow. We have chosen a cross mix female dog, we took her a walk into the centre's field to see how we got on and I am pleased to say wonderful. So tomorrow there is a home check for us and hopefully we will get her next week. We had a Border Collie for nealy 13 years and have waited almost 2 years to get another dog. I can't wait. Your dog is lovely, we miss having one about the house. Ann