Friday, September 5, 2014

Lonely, but not alone!

“I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”  Matthew 28:20b

This scripture has kept me comforted for many, many years.  Somehow knowing that God is by my side has made this life so much more livable.

At the age of about 10 or 11 with the arrival of my beloved baby sister I was no longer the star of the family, there were times that I would withdraw and climb up my favorite tree.  Being a tomboy of sorts, I was usually found in a pair of cutoff jeans climbing some kind of tree, which besides reading was one of my favorite pastimes.  But there was a special tree, a Chinaberry tree that grew on the left side of our driveway near the backyard that I would climb when I wanted to “fly away”.  When I would climb that tree and finally get to the highest branch, I can remember now like it was yesterday, I felt like I was on top of the world…my little world anyway.  With the warm breeze blowing in my face, I felt as close to God as I could get.

Though I did not know at the time that is what I was seeking, I believe God knew I was seeking for my purpose.  Who am I? Where do I fit in? Are you there? I’m sure were some of the things going through my 10 year old mind.  And now when I look back, I realize that He spoke to me on my level.  A bird stopping to sing a beautiful song:  “You are my creation, even more important than this bird.“
My Mom or Dad would call my name checking to see where I was:  “You fit in to this family that I have given you.”  The soft wind blowing in and caressing my face:  “Yes, I am here.”  He spoke to me even back then reassuring me that He is ALWAYS there.

Since that time, and through my life’s journey God has escorted me through some things that if I’d had a choice I would not have wanted to take that route, but never the less, He has proven Himself so very faithful to me. He has truly never left my side. Sometimes He is silent, but I know that He is there, encouraging me to continue to go forward.

Sometimes it can get very lonely, but I am learning that I am never alone. When I can sit on my back porch in the early morning hours and say nothing but wait in His presence and begin to feel His peace that passes all understanding come over me, I know He is there.  When I don’t know what to
do and He seems silent, I am learning that He is still there and as I trust Him He will show the way in His time.


Since my adventures in my favorite tree, God is teaching me Who I am: I am His child, and though I had wonderful parents who loved me with all their hearts, they were only examples of His love for me, a love so deep I cannot fathom.  Where I fit in: I fit in wherever His love directs me to go, because as I am obedient He will use my gifts and talents to be a blessing to someone.  And Is He there:  Yes! Yes! He is ALWAYS there, to love, to chastise, to comfort, to encourage, directing, to listen and the list goes on and on!


So yes I get lonely at times, but I KNOW that I am NEVER alone!  He will never leave me, in that I can trust!
Thank You Lord for Wisdom and Understanding!
On another note I took a trip to a gigantic Thrift store the other day and here are some things I saw:
A tea set on a Teapot, how lovely!

Precious Moments anyone?

Something for everyone!

Oh Tinker Bell how lovely!

These pillows were so luxurious and so cheap!

Patriot Teapot!

Cow jump over the moon teapot!

I say that Bunny is chasing down those veggies

So cute just right for the spring!


Humpty Dumpy and Book Teapot!

I was very good and these were my only purchases!

Do I need this?  LOL

A brass Monkey!

Sunflower mirror!

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