Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Growing up!

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”  I Corinthians 13:11

October…beautiful October!  This month has many happy memories for me: it is the month that we (my late husband, son and I) moved into our new to us home in New Jersey. We had a home in the Philadelphia area for a little over 6 years and felt that it was time to move on up. We were “The Jeffersons” of New Jersey.  J  I remember that we were so excited and planted like a hundred flower bulbs that October. I still have some flowers that come up from that planting many years ago.  What a great time that was, new home, nice neighbors and beautiful weather!

The month of October was also the month that we would make our annual trip up to what we called “Dutch country”, which is in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.  It is so very beautiful up there this time of year when the leaves change their colors. Also lots of great places to eat the cooking made famous in that neck of the woods.  Such precious memories….

But there are some memories that are not so happy this month; two of them being it is the month of both my late Mom and husband’s birthdays.  Even though they both have been gone for several years, I still miss them when this time comes around.  To top it off, a few days ago I ran into an acquaintance that I had not seen in a while and she made a statement that shook me up pretty bad.  The rumor about me that she stated was not a good thing to say to someone.  I chose to believe that she did not say it to be mean, so I managed to smile and lovingly part our ways after a brief conversation.

The old me would still be in an uproar over that incident, even fearful.  But Glory to God! Within a few minutes I allowed the Lord to turn something negative into a positive experience!  I believe that I’m growing up! I no longer feel depressed when this month comes around. Instead I have chosen to think on the precious, good memories that God has blessed me with. 

Abie Kulynych said something very profound a few Sundays ago during his sermon. I paraphrase what he said referring to prayer : God wants us to have Child-like faith when we come to Him, not Childish faith. Childish faith demands its own way and gets upset when things don’t turn out the way we think they should .  But Child-like faith is a faith that wants only what the Father God wants. Because if we believe that Father God truly loves us, then we will have the assurance that He will only give what is best.  Now THAT is "grown-up" thinking...something we should all earnestly seek after.
I thank God for the new season. Not only is it beautiful, but it is a new beginning …an opportunity to grow up!
Here are some pictures of my outing on this beautiful October day!



Barbara F. said...

I love this season, andyour photos are so lovely. What kind of person would tell another about a negative rumor? Glad you shrugged it off.

Veronica said...

Thanks Barbara for stopping by! So glad you enjoyed the pictures! It was a very beautiful day! As for that person, I am praying for her and her family, I am choosing to walk in ain't easy all the time :-) but do-able with the Lord's help. Thanks again, hugs to you!

Brandi said...

Such beautiful pictures, Veronica. You highlighted some of my fall favorites. So neat to read that you lived in Philadelphia and now Jersey. I am from Jersey and my husband is from Mt. Airy. We lived in Jersey for a while then moved to Germantown and Frankford. Such good memories you stirred up with this post. I loved visiting Lancaster and Bucks County as a child. The scenery and baked goods were always my favorite parts of the drive. So sorry for the loss of your loved ones. Glad you are choosing to remember the good times.