Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No other gods...

Thou shall have no other gods before me.
Genesis 20:3

My kindergarten through 2nd grade of schooling was in the parochial system. My older siblings and I attended a Catholic school and received an excellent education along with support of moral beliefs and values that we received at home. When I entered my 3rd grade year I began to attend public school. Now this is surely giving away my age, but I clearly remember having a copy of the Ten Commandments in all of my classes. Even in my 12th grade year, along with a copy of the Constitution there was a copy of the Ten Commandments in full view.

Teachers would often reference the Ten Commandments in their lectures. When I think back now, it was such a part of our lives then, we sort of took it for granted that it would always be that way.

Fast forward to today, where it is a crime to have any kind of “religious” display or teaching in the public school system. If you talk to most students they have no idea who Moses was, or even Noah and the Ark. We have gotten so far away from the teachings of the “Good Book”…NO; we have gotten so far from God, that it’s scary!

Not just in the “World” but in the church as well. It isn’t a few days go by that I don’t read of another fallen pastor/church leader. And they are falling like dominoes! Things like infidelity, extortion of church funds, drunkenness, and spousal abuse are some of the issues that are seeping into the church world. People that have built up Empires to what they believe success is in the Christian world are toppling seemingly overnight. The old saying “Here today gone tomorrow” comes to mind. People that appear to have it all together with all the right looks, message and manner, are having the covers rolled back to reveal that they are only “human” with some real bad issues. I have grown weary of all the “form and fashion” that has entered into the church world. I just want to come together with other believers and worship the one true God!

I believe that all the kingdoms and idols that we have built up are coming down. We generally don’t like to hear this, (including me) but it’s true. God is so merciful that He is giving each of us a time and season to take inventory and correct these things ourselves. The Bible says that God is a jealous God and that He will have no other God before Him. But rather we’ve consciously done it or not, we have made other gods before Him and it is time to repent. It is time to trust the one and only God that holds our future…the merciful God…the just God.

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