Thursday, March 26, 2009


"From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD's name is to be praised. "
Psalms 113:3

I LOVE music and it is how I start my day. Christian artist Alvin Slaughter's new CD "Overcomer" is in my CD player in the car and I worship with him as I travel on my way to work. One of the songs he sings has the lyrics of the psalms above; and it has been going over and over in my mind.

I'm a morning person and no matter how tired I am or how many hours of sleep I've had (or NOT had), I am the most energetic in the morning. So seeing the sunrise is a celebration for me. If I knew that I would not get arrested, I would stand in the middle of a field and do a fancy dance when the sun comes up! I rejoice at seeing a new day AND that God has allowed me the opportunity to be His instrument to be His light in this world.

I've seen the sun burst through the clouds causing them to shimmer like silver. This morning however it was cloudy and a light rain drizzled; but the sun still shone through the clouds in rays as if to say, "I'm still here!"

Psalms 113:3 says that we should praise God from sun up to sun down...why? Because He is worthy to be praised. When I think of all He's done for me (now don't get me started) I want to do the Electric Slide! LOL Im a crazy person in the morning, I get lots of sideways looks when I bounce down the halls smiling and cheerfully saying "GOOOOOOOOOD Mornin'" to the sleepyeyed staf f and students. But I honestly am enjoying the new day and the "Son Rise" in my spirit! Thank you Lord!

But by 6:00PM I begin to wind down. And all that dancing in the fields stuff...I'm still praising God but I'm thinking more in the lines of doing it in my comfy chair by the glad He understands me. (smile)

In your lifetime, if you haven't already, catch a sunrise and relish in it's beauty. it promises a new day .. a new day to worship Him!

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nikki b said...

That's beautiful! Makes me wasnt to run out into a field and feel the sun on my face! And a side note... by 6pm, the only thing dancing on you are your eyelids!