Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hidden Treasures

"Lord, all my desire is before You; and my sighing is not hidden from You."
Psalms 38:9

"Look Dad!" my grandson said to his father as we were sight-seeing in the city. My grandson had found under a tree, almost blending in with the dirt and grass, a piece of Lego! Now grant it there were hundreds of people passing by this very spot (as it was some kind of festival going on in the park), but his eyes somehow zeroed in on this small piece of plastic just lying there. He grabbed it up and as he and his father were inspecting it, I was wondering what kind of germs were on it! After inspection it was decided, he had indeed found a treasure...something of value to him, something that he could use in his collection of many, many, many pieces of Lego.

To me, not a Lego enthusiast, and to others passing by that very spot that day, it seemed to be an insignificant piece of plastic , if they even saw it at all. But to him, a very smart and bright kid with engineer tendencies (Am I bragging or what?), he had found something that he could use with his talent.

For the last few years, my heart has been yearning to really find my purpose in life. Like the scripture says above, I have laid my desire before the Lord and He is probably tired of hearing me sighing in my discontent. I'm not discontent with life, I am very grateful, but I do not want to miss God's Purpose. I have been blessed to have experienced some awesome things in this life, things that I loved doing; working with inmates, the elderly, children and music, which I did for years. But there comes a time when you just know there is something else you have to do...for Him.

Part of my answer came one morning several years back when the Lord impressed on me that it is not all about how many things you are involved in, but it is about "being" what He has called us to be. Each of us have our own personality and in the rough we're not much to speak of, but when we surrender ourselves to Him, He has a way of knocking off the rough edges and still using our personalities in this world to help other people.

It annoys me sometimes when I hear people go on and on about what organizations they belong to and how busy they are going here and there with this group or that; but when I look at their lives I wonder do they have love and true concern for people. Do they take the time to really listen and care for the hurting, which is what Jesus did.

In me, in you, there are hidden treasures, hidden talents that God wants to use for His glory. Then why are they hidden you may ask. I believe because He wants us to seek His desires for our lives and the delight when we find them! You should have seen the look on my grandson's face when he found that piece of Lego!

We have some clues as to what our talents are; our interests and natural abilities, but we must totally seek God's will and direction as to what our true purpose may be suprised!

Last night my grandson came to me with some of his Lego "creations". I am always amazed at how he can even build these things! But as I was inspecting and oooohing and aahing over them, I saw it! The piece of Lego that he had found was the base for a super deluxe Space vehicle! Wow!
I would have never...! But to him it was of great use and value!

Today may we seek God to show us our true purpose, we all have hidden treasures within us that are of great value and use to the Master.

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