Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Father's Eyes...

But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love. Psalms 33:18

Yesterday after being stuck at home waiting for a repairman, I clicked on the TV. It was rare for me to be at home that time of day so to pass the time I decided to take a look at what daytime TV had to offer. Flipping down the TV guide my eyes spotted “The Baby Story”. Hmmm I have not seen that in a while and I love watching those sweet little babies coming into the world. A sure pick me up on a sort of “down in the dumps” day.

As I watched the show and listened to the interviews with the mother and father about the pregnancy, it gave background on both sides of the family (I love that kind of stuff). They also introduced their first born son who is as cute as a button and already knew that a new baby brother was sleeping in mommy’s tummy. What a nice family and what joy I began to feel just watching them prepare for the baby to come.

As the show moves to the delivery scene I always get a little teary eyed and nervous (I know, I know, it’s all pre –recorded) but I can’t help it if I get so into it. The Doctor is so cool, he’s Jewish and wears his yarmulke proudly and even uses words like God and blessing! Wow what a great doctor they have! He is very patient and comforting as he delivers a healthy, 8 pound baby boy!

Now here comes the point I’m trying to get to…when the nurse lay the baby on the table, the father comes over to get a closer look at his son. Amid all the hustle and bustle in the delivery room, it seems like it is just that daddy and his newborn son. He looks over the baby, who is sprawled out in all his nakedness, freshly born with some of the muck still on him and he’s crying at the top of his little lungs. And the daddy just looks at him with such love in his eyes. He looks at that helpless little baby with such tenderness and deep love and his eyes say it all. His eyes, to best of his human capacity were saying “Son, I love you and I’m here to be for you all that you need.”

Through the tears in my eyes I watched this and the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, “That is how I look at you”.

And all at once I could comprehend it, God our Father looks at us through Jesus’ eyes with such love and compassion. Even when we are naked before him, in all our muck and gunk, He looks at us with such love and compassion. Even in our helplessness, His eyes look at us with the yearning to be all that we need.

Thank you Lord for your compassion and love, thank you for loving us beyond even what we in our finite minds can only comprehend. Thank you for your eyes of love that are watching over us…Amen

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Excellent Sissy.