Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tis' the season...

"He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His name."  Psalms 23:3

The Holidays can be so full of excitement and joy, but for some it is a season of depression and sadness.  I am very cognizance of hurting people this time of year. Mainly because this will be the 11th Christmas since my beloved husband passed away.

I so sympathize with others that have lost loved ones and must experience the Holidays without them.  With all the hustle and bustle of celebration, when you are missing your loved ones, it can feel like you are sitting in the bleachers of a really exciting basketball game and not having a clue why everyone is so excited.
It is so easy to then detach yourself from everything and everyone just to "survive".  And what is a very wonderful time of the year, to you, becomes a time of dread and anxiety to want it all to just be over.

But here is one thing that I have learned...God loves us.  He has not forgotten us and He will give us the strength to make it through not only the Holidays, but through each and every day.  He will give us strength not only to endure what ever sadness may come but His Strength will help us to once again began to be thankful that we are alive to celebrate.  He will help us to enjoy our "new normal". 

So the Christmas dishes come out!

My dog Bruno gets to hear his favorite Christmas Story!

And my precious Grandchildren get a grandma visit!

This season, my prayer is that you will allow God to give you renewed strength to enjoy the Holidays, and to experience the true meaing of what the celebration is really all about...


Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Veronica, this is such a beautiful post! Your holiday decor is wonderful; and your granddaughter is beautiful!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

So well said, a new normal is the perfect description!! You have the most adorable dog and a granddaughter that is so cute and perfect. I thought she was a doll!! Thanks for leaving a note, but you are always welcome to just lurk LOL! I'm off to cover the elephants, have a great night!