Thursday, May 21, 2009

However, as it is written: No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”
I Corinthians 2:9

A couple of weeks ago I took my car for an oil change. This was my first time back to the dealer since purchasing the car last November. When I purchased the car, I noticed that the sales men and staff were very cordial and accommodating, but I chalked this up as them wanting to make a sale. I mean after all they didn’t know me and probably did not care other than making that money.
So upon returning to get the oil change, I expected the regular treatment you get at most dealerships and service stations. Not service with a smile but instead the usual treatment is with a bad attitude and little or no patience. And don’t ask the mechanic any questions! First they look at you like you’re nuts, then the smirk and the response is usually full of sarcasm as if to say “I’m the specialist here!!”
But when I arrived at this dealership that happen to be in a very upscale township, not only did I get service with a smile but one of the many customer service persons met me dressed in clean khaki pants that were belted (No grease spots) nice polo shirt tucked inside with the Dealer’s Logo. His white teeth sparkled as he gave me an easy smile and directed me to “Drive right in.” I have to tell you, it threw me for a loop, and it gets better. After he took my keys and information at his counter, he then…now get this, directed me to the LOUNGE! I was like “Wha?” (while taking my hand to close my mouth).
Upon entering the LOUNGE I was greeted by another smiling person that showed me there were 3 sections, the TV area, the Quiet area (if I wanted to read), and the Computer area where there were several computer stations set up and internet ready, all for our convenience. Again I said “Wha?” Oh! And of course what LOUNGE would be without a coffee and tea bar stocked with fresh coffee (honestly the guy said “If the coffee is not fresh I’ll be glad to put on a new pot for you.” And there were fresh Danish and muffins. And don’t forget the stack of CLEAN paper cups and napkins. Now you KNOW in most service stations, the coffee pot is usually empty or questionable, like “and HOW long has that been sitting there?” There are usually no cups to be found and forget about the napkins.
I tell you this visit was getting better and better. Even the 2 people at the Parts counter were very nice when I stopped over to get a tube of touchup paint (Yes I need touch up paint after just 6 months owning the car) (sigh) But with all this Royal treatment I was beginning to feel like I was in “Stepford Land”.
After spending some time at the computer station and making a trip to the clean, well decorated bathroom, another smiling customer service person greeted me with a clip board to go over point by point the status of my car condition and maintenance schedule. As he accompanied me to the check out counter, he asked with a sparkling smile “Are there any questions?” Again I said “Wha?” and it threw me so much I could not think of a thing, because they had covered it all.
After paying my bill and given my keys, I was directed to where my car was parked and as I exited I could hear “Thank you”, “Hope you come back” and “Nice meeting you m’am”. Wow what a pleasant experience that was! It made my whole day seem better. It even restores some of my belief that there really are good business people out there. All the excellent treatment that I received was really a reflection of the owner of that Dealership. In conversation with my son, we both said that we would love to be a fly on the wall in one of those staff meetings. The owner must really put a high premium on treating the customer right.
Now I’ve said all this to say that even though that was a highlight in my day, it still cannot compare with what God has stored up for those of us that will live with Him. I mean we cannot fathom what it will be like. Going to that dealership that day I had no idea I would be treated so well. Guess what? It has not entered our minds what it will be like in heaven, it will be totally beyond what we can conceive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you miss it!

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