Sunday, November 24, 2013

Giving Thanks

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.   I Chronicles 16:34

The roots of the fallen tree
Looking out of my dining room window I can see the clear blue sky, so lovely.  Before October of last year I did not have this view…my neighbor’s 40 foot tree stood in all its glory, branches reaching to the sky.  But during Hurricane Sandy of 2012 that mighty tree became a casualty of the storm.  That tree that had been there for decades was lifted roots and all and pushed to its side on the ground!  When we surveyed the damages after the storm, I looked in amazement that if the tree had fallen to the left, it would have landed on my house and 2 of the upstairs bedrooms, along with the dining and living room would have been destroyed.  Instead the tree looked as if something pushed it backwards and into the lot of a temporarily vacant home.  All I could say was “Thank You Lord” for your protection!  That even through the storm, with winds blowing over 50 miles an hour and the house sounding like it would fall apart, and I did not know what was going on outside, you kept me safe from harm!
And isn’t that how it is, when we go through a “storm”? We may not know the outcome, the situation may consume our thoughts, the tempest may roar and there is frustration, confusion and even anger BUT God wants us to trust Him that He will keep us safe and will surely work it all out.

I have so much to be thankful for, this is just one instance when I KNOW that it was Him that kept me safe.  When I look over my life, and I trace my steps through many things that maybe some would have crumbled, had a nervous breakdown, lost their mind and even just plain old given up, I can see how He has kept  me.  It is by no means a testament to my strength, because I KNOW that without Him I would not be here today.

 Many years ago when I sat on the steps of our Philadelphia row home and looked into the sky and said “God if you’re real and you hear me, show me You.”  This came from a heart that was searching for real peace, and even though I had “things”, it did not satisfy.  Having grown up in the church I knew about God, but didn’t really KNOW Him.  But after that night He made Himself known to me through a neighbor that would come to talk to me about her experience with Jesus.  I don’t even remember her full name, but I thank God for her and her faithfulness, because it started me on a road to get to know God better.
The journey has not always been easy, but this I know, God is faithful and has never left my side since I invited Him to come into my heart. I have so much to be thankful for! Through the sun, the rain, the good times, the bad times God has remained consistent, you see He never changes, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Some people disagree that God is not good, because of something that has happened tragic in their lives.  I don’t profess to know everything, but why not ask Him?  Invite Him into your life and then ask Him, give Him the chance to love you.

Thank You Father God for Your loving kindness that endures forever, thank you Jesus for dying for my sins, for paying the penalty that I could not  pay, and thank you Holy Spirit for being my teacher, guide and comforter.  You are all three in One and I thank You! May I always keep my hand in Yours, my eyes on You and most importantly, keep my heart as Yours.  Thank You!


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