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New beginnings!

I am ashame that I have not posted on this site in so long...I will not bother to give an excuse...just laziness and I have been busy. It's hard to believe that it has been almost a year since I started this blog. Last year I believed that the Lord had given me the desire to have more wisdom and understanding, thus the name of this blog. And He was so faithful in leading and guiding me to obtain those two things. Many opportunities came when I had to exercise the "wisdom" that I have gained since serving the Lord and many situations came when He helped me to use my "understanding". I have found that "wisdom" is actually using the knowledge that God has already given you. And "understanding" is allowing Him through His Holy Spirit to direct your thoughts, opinions and your will. I have learned how to just let some things go but also how to pursue some things and to stand my ground. It will soon be 7 years since my husband passed , since I be