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He cares...

"O  Lord , You have searched me and known  me. 2  You know my sitting down and my rising up." Psalms 139:1 "Not AGAIN!" I said to myself as I frantically looked for my silver bracelet! My dogs looked at me from a safe distance, because they knew by the volume and tone of my voice, it was not the time for play. I knew for sure I had placed the bracelet in the same spot after taking it off a couple of weeks ago, but where was it?  You see this has happened before, matter of fact for a while seems like I was on a roll for losing things, but was having a reprieve, or so I thought!   I looked everywhere all day long while doing deep breathing exercises to stay calm. I guess I was frustrated because I could not understand  why that stupid bracelet was not where it should have been. Plus... this commercial about memory loss and what that could mean kept coming on TV. I mean come on now, I only watch special programs on TV and the commercial was showing up on every