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Enjoying your home...

Good day Y'all! Being greeted by this beautiful yellow begonia plant lifts my spirit and already brightens my day. (Thank you to the lady and her sweet Mom for gifting this to me) I always say that home/condo/apartment owners should make their homes a place where they enjoy being. I don't entertain much, but I like making home a place that is warm, cozy, and enjoyable by surrounding myself with the things I love. It's not about making it a showplace, but making it a safe place for you and your family to relax, enjoy and to be refreshed from the outside world. Some of my fondest memories is my husband saying very often after a long, hard day at work, "I like being home." It gave me great pleasure to know that I had made a house...a home for us...and I enjoyed it! It doesn't take much nor does it costs much, it starts with the desire to create it for yourself and your family. Have a great day and remember..."Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consu

Time for some oil y'all

Yard work on this beautiful windy morning. Thinking how I can buy expensive garden tools and also cheap garden tools but eventually they all need a good oil/lubricant treatment every now and then to keep on working. A little maintenance on a regular basis will extend the operative life and make it give an optimum performance when it’s needed. So it is with us...being in quarantine may have worn the patience thin of a Mom or Dad of school age children; may have caused strained relationships between husbands and wives who aren’t used to being in the house with each other all day, some may have become depressed with no distraction to keep them from drudging up not so good memories; tempers may easily erupt, boredom may be setting In (Proof with everyone creating their avatars lol) . You ask can all this come from just being in isolation? You betcha. So I am saying all this to just remind you all that sometimes we just need some maintenance, a good oiling. Sometimes we need to kick b