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Loneliness...the final frontier

Loneliness, the state of being alone.  Something that I believe every human being on this earth has experienced at one time or the other.  It is not a place most people want to be in and yet it happens. I was recently in a discussion on author Gayle Roper's blog "A Widow's Journey", about this particular subject. And even though people get lonely for many reasons, one of the worst kind is when you lose a spouse. I know many may beg to differ, but I have to put that kind of loneliness right up there at least near the top. "I know just how you feel", "The worst kind of loneliness is when you're surrounded by people", are just a couple of comments I've heard before, when in reality folks don't know how you really feel and if you are still lonely while you're surrounded by folks, then that sounds like it's your choice.  But in all fairness, it is OUR choice whether we STAY lonely or not.  When Christ walke

Goodbye Mr. Ebert...

I have always been a fan of Roger Ebert. When he had his show with Siskel, I used to love to hear their take on movies.   Since I am a movie buff, I delighted in comparing Ebert’s thoughts to mine. Sad news, Ebert passed away this past week after a long battle with cancer.   He fought hard and never gave up.   He still wrote and did appearances even when the disease had disfigured his body. Those close to him said he had an uplifting attitude and was stoic in living life to the fullest.   That is why it saddens me so when I read this on MSN News this morning…”Ebert wrote in 2010 that he did not fear death because he didn't believe there was anything on the other side of death to fear." It went on to say that Ebert felt that since he neither felt nor experienced anything before he was born, it would be the same after he died.   Bottom line Mr. Ebert did not believe in (at least in 2010) eternity; that after we leave this earth we will either spend it with or withou