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I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was out with a dear friend that was treating me to a late birthday brunch and while standing and waiting for our order this is what happened: A man who I did not know nor did he know me and was about the same age as myself, walked up to me, pointed his finger and yelled "You have to pull that mask over your nose!" To give you a back detail, I had on a cotton mask but had slid the center top portion just under the rim of my nose to briefly catch some fresh air. Side note: it's been medically proven that breathing in your own Carbon Dioxide for an extended amount of time can lead to hypercapnia. If you want the meaning of that word, please look it up on, I'm not here to debate or argue, just stating my management of my own personal health. I assure you that my mask was securely in place covering my mouth and the bottom portion of my face, at that moment I had just slipped it just below my nostrils. GOT IT? got it. To make t