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He's Watching...

Whenever my 2 small dogs go outside in the backyard, after walking a few feet they always look back to make sure that I am still there. I suppose they've developed this habit because from the first day of potty training them, I have always stayed at the back door waiting for them to finish doing their "business". There were two important reasons for not just putting them out there, closing the door and me coming back inside the house; 1) I wanted to watch over and protect them from any large birds or animals, (that have been known to get in my fenced yard) that could scoop them up and carry them away and 2) the door was left ajar so that if they had to run back in for any reason, there would always be an open door. Over the years my dogs have developed a trust in me. They have remained close as "house" dogs and have been physically close to me 99 percent of the they "Know" me so to speak. So when they venture out in to the territory of my l