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The Gown

Yesterday I woke up with so much energy that before I even brushed my teeth I attacked my closets.   About twice a year I go through the house and gather things that I have not used or worn in 2 years or less and I pack them up and off they go to a charitable organization. I pounced on my closet and though some things were hard to let go, I knew that if I had not worn it in a while I probably would not do so in the future so out it went.   As I was re-checking, my eye caught something sparkling way back in the recesses of the closet.   In all honesty I knew what it was; it was a sequined formal gown.   I removed the clear plastic covering and saw that it was still beautiful, dark periwinkle blue with silver sequins…lovely.   I calculated that it had been hanging there for over 15 years unused. It was outdated of course with the shoulder pads, but still lovely. Of course I tried to reason keeping it; after all, I paid good money for it and who knows I could have the shoulder p

Victory! My right to "Bare" Arms!

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”   I Corinthian 15:57   Well the summer season is winding down.   Even though the temperature outside is still hot, I can feel it in the early morning.   Feels like autumn is just around the corner… As I look back over the summer, there were three major things that I accomplished.   I had the house painted outside: you cannot imagine the relief I felt when I finally was able to find, with the help of my neighbors, a house painter that not only was a good professional but he had a wonderful attitude (those 2 things don’t usually come together).   He did a fantastic job!   Secondly, I had some major tree removal and trimming done in the backyard.   Last fall’s Hurricane Sandy that swept through my area did damage to a lot of trees. One very tall Pine tree that was leaning at a 90 degree angle had to come down and several other smaller trees were removed.   When the Tree guy was done, it looked l
Looks like somebody needs a haircut!   Back from vacation, and looks like the plants are trying to take over!   No, no for real I knew this one needed a trim before I left and now that I see how over grown it is I need to get to work! Speaking of “trimming" I've got to get back into my exercise regime.   It has been 2 weeks since I've been to the gym! Shame on me! I missed the week before vacation and during vacation of course. My gym offers free passes to their network gyms in the area where you may be vacationing, but I conveniently forgot to get a pass!   heh heh heh   But you know what? With all that fancy eating I did I better seriously get back to my work out starting Monday!         Whenever I go away, I usually get a fresh word from the Lord.   Maybe it's because I'm in a different place and seek Him more or maybe I've slowed down long enough to "hear" what He has to say to me. This is the scripture that comes to mind &q