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Think on the good things ...

Can you believe how quickly summer is winding down? Time is really flying, I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or what 😆 Just posting some "summer memories" before it's time to pull out the fall stuff. I'm not rushing the change of seasons any more than it is, but savoring the good things that made me smile amidst the havoc that's going on in the world.  The 2 terra-cotta containers were a score last year from Good Will. I liked the distressed patina so I did not scrub them clean, but left them as they are and popped in some cool white sunflowers. The "Bee" pillows I purchased from Walmart's garden section for 5 bucks each, they are indoor/outdoor pillows and have held up well in the summer elements. The Bees remind me to "Bee Happy" (I know that's corny 🙄), but also if bees can carry their body weight with those fragile wings and STILL get all that work done, what's my excuse ! 😂 Then, there were the dying