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I have a "Love/Hate" relationship with the month of October...  well... maybe hate is too strong a word, so let's just say dis-like. My mother's birthday is on the 2nd and my husband's is the 22nd, so that's the beginning and towards the end of the month.  With all my excitement about the changing season and decorating, I say every year that I won't let it affect me...but it does.  I miss them both so much!  Both of them loved this season too.  My husband and I would always take a weekend in the fall to go on a getaway up to Lancaster Pa. to see the changing foliage.  My Mom always talked about how she loved the cool, crisp mornings in South Carolina, how she would open the windows and let the fresh breeze flow through the house after being closed up during the long hot summer. I know that I must move on, God IS my help during times of sadness...but I am human and those feelings do come. So that is why I hang on to the Psalms, they encourage me, they re