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What's your purpose?

Ever wonder what is your purpose here on earth?   Let me assure you, we each have a specific purpose for being here, even if we don’t    feel like it sometimes.   Point in case ME… this morning, on the porch having a pity party ( I have those sometimes, no one’s invited though…sorry).   As I took inventory of my life; well into middle age, widow, work as a secretary for the past 15 years, who really needs me, I move slower, I wear jewelry with a sweat suit, I strike up conversations with strangers in a store, sometimes they respond, sometimes they look at me like I’m Osama Bin Laden in drag…yada, yada, yada…what do I do that rocks the world…I mean REALLY? So with that baggage first thing in the morning, here comes the pity and the heaviness you get when your joy has dissipated, in my case intentionally. Why do we do that to ourselves?   I dunno… As I read my devotional by Chuck Swindoll he said this “Two words will help you when you run low on hope: Accept and Trust. Acce

Seeds of Hope

“ I have nothing in my own self and yet I have it ALL in Christ. Can God use a life that has made so many mistakes, has fumbled so many times and has been such a disappointment to myself and others?   I believe so…humbly, humbly recognizing that I am but a vapor and yet God can use me to plant a seed of hope into the heart of someone searching for the Truth.”   I wrote this on a piece of paper and stuck it in my Bible a while ago.   I found it yesterday and it started a flood of memories… I cannot remember her name; only that she was a neighbor that lived up the street.   She would see me sitting on my porch and would stop by and somehow the conversation always got around to her past life.   She would openly share how she was a bad mother, going out late at night, partying all the time, neglecting her family, until one day God came into her life, changing her, making her the person that she really wanted to be.   I remember listening, but thinking “I’m not such a bad person as she