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It is a bad habit but sometimes when I get caught up in deep thought I have to remind myself to just...breathe...exhale. In this morning's case it was the still soft voice of Yah (God) that reminded me "Breathe" and when I exhaled, He began to pour into me so much understanding.  You see, a few days ago while waiting at a tire center for my car, a woman who was also waiting began to pour her heart out to me about her present situation; her husband being very ill and she has the sole responsibility of his care; which is wearing very heavily on her in many ways. My compassion became overwhelming for her as I recalled how I was also a caregiver for my late husband for a long period. My heart goes out to any caregivers out is truly not easy. I listened to her intently and eventually was able to encourage her as I shared some of my experiences and lessons. She in turn encouraged me by her tenacity, determination and resilience once she was able to talk it all