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Changed from Glory to Glory...

" And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s  glory , are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing  glory , which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."  II Corinthians 3:18 Back in December 2008 while on one of many visits to California, the Lord dropped the idea for this blog in my heart. There was no great revelation, just an urge to write down what I felt that He was teaching me. I am not a person big on being "deep", in fact it sort of irritates me when someone tries to come off as being "deep" by acting so spiritually profound; saying big words and statements that are actually rambling and confusing.  Yep, just give me plain 'ol words that make sense.  So while praying about what the theme of this blog would be, I felt in my heart that it would be about how I experience God's wisdom in His Word through everyday experiences. Isn't that how God works?  I mean, why would He desire that we get to know Hi

"...But David encouraged himself..."

I will never forget the Christmas when I received my first bicycle, it was blue and silver with a basket on the front and colorful streamers on the handlebars! It also had training wheels attached for safe learning, but they didn't stay on there long.  My Dad taught me to ride my bike and I remember how patient he was when weaning me off the training wheels. It seemed like it was so hard to keep that bike in balance and to stop it from wobbling after my Dad released me; but after a time (and after many skinned knees and elbows from falling) I was able to keep my balance and ride a short distance unaccompanied, with him cheering me on! There was an incline on the street that I lived on, we actually called it a "hill".  To me as a small child the "hill" looked like Mount Everest. My cousins and I have sacrificed a whole lot of skin from our knees at the altar of that "hill" while trying to run down it at a high speed.  I still can't figure out why