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No Birthdays in Heaven...

It seems redundant to say “Happy Birthday in Heaven” when I know that there are no birthdays in Eternity the celebrations are not about someone’s birth but I believe a continual celebration of the One Who died, rose again and is now Crowned as King of Kings and sits at the right Hand of the Father. Those that surround that Throne and join with the Angels saying “Holy, Holy” in eternal gratitude that they chose to accept His gift and find themselves in His Presence forever and ever; that is where my late husband is...not because he was a perfect man, but because he chose to accept the gift of forgiveness of his sins and walk the rest of his life in the salvation that Yah (God) so generously offered to him and all of us. My late husband’s last words were praise...”HalleluYAH! Thank You Lord! HalleluYAH “ he said with his last bit of strength over and over. It astounded the doctor and nurses. How can someone who was approaching the end of his life still praise God? I believe

Running on fumes...

I have this practice in recent months that as soon as my car's gas tank gets down about a quarter, I make sure to refill. My thinking is that in case there's a sudden shortage on gas and all the stations are shut down, I will have at least a near full tank. The "pandemic" has expanded my ways of thinking about being prepared. However, as carefully as I try to monitor my car's gas tank, sometimes I can get careless with my spiritual tank. I confess that there have been times when my "tank" has been almost on empty, whether it is because of the cares of life, stress both emotional and physical, or just plain laziness...I KNOW when I am getting near that empty sign and the dangers that comes with it. I can tell when I'm operating on spiritual "fumes", when it becomes too easy to respond in similar manner to a rude person. Yep, like when that person cuts you off in traffic and you respond by blowing your horn long and hard along with a few deg

Bees, telephone wires, more bees and other things...

For the past 2 weeks there have been a "series" of let's just say interesting things going on around my abode. Well, actually there weren't bees but Yellowjackets that had so graciously made a nest by entering a tiny hole in the siding of the house and "building" their domain in between the outside wall and the inner garage wall. They rewarded my good nature of allowing them to live rent free by attacking the workers that came to remove some bushes AND by deciding that they needed some down time recreation from "working" for the Queen so hard; by finding an opening and entering into the garage. Which means the garage for me was off imagine that, me, a grown woman put on restriction in my own garage by about 5 ANGRY Yellow jackets. They acted as if it was I that had trespassed on to THEIR property! Once I boldly said out loud to them, "You're not the boss of me!" as I attempted to put the trash in the garage...yeah that w