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He Renews My Joy !

Spring time! Often spoken of as a time of renewal.  Nature that has been dormant over the harsh, cold winter begins to come alive again. Sometimes it seems to be chomping at the bit to wake up...I saw a Robin a few weeks go when it was no way near spring, and yet I am sure in it's "God clock" it knew that it was very near, regardless of the snow piles still on the ground. A time of renewal, a time to wake up from the burdens, maybe even sadness that has hovered over your life. I have been reading Isaiah 53 this week and it is the prophecy of the suffering that Christ would endure. It always amazes me how the Prophet Isaiah was given the message by God many, many years before Christ was even born, of how He was to suffer for our sins. These scriptures, among many, are proof that the Old and New Testaments are one Book of Truth from God; because as you read in the gospels of the New Testament, the prophecy was surely fulfilled in Christ's crucifixion. And oh ho