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I AM MORE than enough !

During this time of semi-seclusion, we have been in a position to do a lot of thinking; there is something about slowing down the routine that causes time for reflection.  During my prayer time this morning, many people came across my mind; people that have lost loved ones recently or in the past, people that have sick loved ones, people that are ill themselves, people that have experienced loss through separation or divorce, loss of jobs, financial woes. People that have wayward children young and old that are in trouble or worse that are incarcerated. People that are being abused mentally, verbally, emotionally and physically. People that need healing in their minds, hearts and souls...deep healing...and as I began to pray for these needs I became overwhelmed with the burden of it all and then a still small voice spoke to my heart "I AM MORE than enough."  Funny how we think that somethings are just too much for Yah (God) to handle; we put limits on Him and then we tr

The Race is not given to the swift!

I remember when I was a lot younger, I used to wonder why older folks moved so much slower; whether walking or driving, the old folks seemed to move slower than honey pouring out of a jar fresh out the fridge! 😀 Now that I am a member of that group, the older group that is I understand. It's not that we are intentionally slower, it's just that certain parts of our anatomy don't seem to operate as fast, even though in our minds we are cruising as usual. I was thinking that though the older you get the slower you may become, there is something that seems to become stronger and that is CONSISTENCY. I believe that King Solomon had it right when he wrote in Ecclesiastes 9 "...the race is not given to the swift.." meaning you don't have to be fast to always win the "race" of life.  Consistency in us old folks can sometimes be referred to as "stuck in our ways", but consistency, according to the dictionary has synonyms like: reliability,

Be of Good Courage!

"Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who HOPE in YAHUAH (the Lord). Psalms 31:24 I watched my little 6 pound Chihuahua brave the cold pouring rain as he walked into the early morning darkened yard...alone to do his business. He was donned in his rain gear to protect against the elements, but did not have his bigger "brother" to accompany him. Knowing he had to go, he peeked out the opened door, hesitated for a moment, then with resolve, trotted out. Upon his return, soaking wet and panting, he never whined or complained, he just did what a dog had to do. I rewarded him with oohs and aahs over his bravery and a nice warm blanket of course. Just thinking how with the present events happening now, we have been placed out of our comfort zone in many ways. Restricted in how we shop, work and live. Our "normal" everyday living has changed, even watching TV has become a chore, the reports of the local and world situation leaves you tir

Why Worry?

While shopping a few days ago, the unusual over crowding and sense of panic could not be missed. People running to and fro gathering up extra essentials to prepare what the media has proclaimed as a pandemic. I do believe in being prepared and for years have made having "extras" on hand a way of life; but I also have made it a way of life not to panic. Trust me, I've had a share of bad news and times of trouble, but this I am learning: worry, anxiety and panic gets you only in a worse fix than the real issue. I know that it may be hard for some of us not to be worried, but in our concern over not having enough toilet paper (still trying to figure that one out) let us not forget that those of us that are believers in Yah (God) and His Son Yissa'Yah (the Messiah) then we have an obligation, a calling to be Salt and Light in this World. We are not suppose to follow the crowd in panic nor are we to speak hopelessness in darkness. We are to be the light to show that there

WAIT on Him !

CHILDBIRTH...those that have experienced it will never forget it. We remember in awe, love and let's not forget PAIN. The stage in childbirth called "the crowning", when the baby's head can be visibly seen and not slip back; it's actually a "do or die" situation. The pain/sensation experienced at that time is called "the ring of fire" and the mother and child can be at the closet point of death. Sometimes the Doctor or Nurse will tell you to not push at that point, even when you feel like "GET THIS BABY OUTTA ME!!!", they know that it is a crucial time in giving you have to put on brakes, stand still, hold your peace and wait for the appointed time to give that final push. A lot of us are at that point now in life; things we have been believing for, praying for, fighting for...Yahuah (God) is saying, "Hold your peace". Maybe in some ways we've been trying too hard to make things happen, with good intention