Bees, telephone wires, more bees and other things...

For the past 2 weeks there have been a "series" of let's just say interesting things going on around my abode. Well, actually there weren't bees but Yellowjackets that had so graciously made a nest by entering a tiny hole in the siding of the house and "building" their domain in between the outside wall and the inner garage wall. They rewarded my good nature of allowing them to live rent free by attacking the workers that came to remove some bushes AND by deciding that they needed some down time recreation from "working" for the Queen so hard; by finding an opening and entering into the garage. Which means the garage for me was off imagine that, me, a grown woman put on restriction in my own garage by about 5 ANGRY Yellow jackets. They acted as if it was I that had trespassed on to THEIR property! Once I boldly said out loud to them, "You're not the boss of me!" as I attempted to put the trash in the garage...yeah that worked...they promptly stung me on the arm so fast I didn't even see it coming!
Then there was the house telephone giving up the ghost and deciding that it did not want to work anymore. I don't know which was worst, the phone not working properly or the customer service that didn't really want to service the customer "Me", but kept passing me around and keeping me on hold for up to 40 minutes, only to be disconnected by a friendly robot voice saying "Goodbye". Yep, had to start all over again; Robot: "Tell me what your call is about", then "Press #2 if you are calling to update your service". ME: "Can't I just get ANY service from a human being!!!!!" AAARRRRGH
Anyway, with these things going on along with the everyday pop ups, it was beginning to get under my skin. I mean, I was at the point that if one of my dogs would whine one more time to get attention, I was going to lock him in his crate and throw away the key! I don't really have a key of course, but I could've made one...or something like that... those eyes got me though after I yelled , I love my dogs...when they don't whine. LOL
Anyway, it all worked out and the Holy Spirit had to remind of some advise I had given my neighbor just weeks before, who was in a similar situation with multiple things going on at once..."You can only take care of one thing at a time and it will ALL get done!" I felt great when I was telling HER that, but I had to chuckle when I realized i needed to take my OWN advice.
I hated (riiiight) to say goodbye to the aggressive, angry Yellowjackets, but they weren't willing to negotiate and stay on their turf, so since I was bigger THEY had to go at the tune of $$$$$ and a very professional and thorough exterminator. BYE BEES. The phone issue was taken care too, after many attempts and tolerating some people that seemed to be as frustrated with their jobs as I was with the their service. In time it all worked what am I saying?
If you're going through some things and it seems overwhelming right now, just remember, you can only do what you can and the rest will fall into will eventually all get done, just hold on to your joy! BTW I very much dislike the "Bee" Pillows I used on the front porch this past summer! I wonder if THAT'S what made the Yellowjackets feel so welcomed ??? 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

"My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,  knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be [b]perfect and complete, lacking nothing. "  James 1:2-4


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