No Birthdays in Heaven...

It seems redundant to say “Happy Birthday in Heaven” when I know that there are no birthdays in Eternity the celebrations are not about someone’s birth but I believe a continual celebration of the One Who died, rose again and is now Crowned as King of Kings and sits at the right Hand of the Father. Those that surround that Throne and join with the Angels saying “Holy, Holy” in eternal gratitude that they chose to accept His gift and find themselves in His Presence forever and ever; that is where my late husband is...not because he was a perfect man, but because he chose to accept the gift of forgiveness of his sins and walk the rest of his life in the salvation that Yah (God) so generously offered to him and all of us.

My late husband’s last words were praise...”HalleluYAH! Thank You Lord! HalleluYAH “ he said with his last bit of strength over and over. It astounded the doctor and nurses. How can someone who was approaching the end of his life still praise God? I believe because he knew where he was going. Not because any of us are good enough nor deserve it, but because he had not only accepted the gift of salvation but had walked it out before Yah (God) and man. So He went peacefully and I remember it literally felt as if someone had left the room, so much that I involuntarily turned to look at the closed door. He was no longer there with us, but in the Presence of the One Who gave His life for us.

So I celebrate not his Birthday which is today, but I celebrate his life. He was an extraordinarily good husband, father, brother, Uncle etc etc...he was a good man and I love him still.

For those today that are grieving the loss of a love one, I understand and may I pray for you now?Father, I come to You this morning and I lift up those that are grieving a loved one, I may understand in some small way, but You know EXACTLY how they are feeling. I ask that You send your Holy Spirit to comfort them. Send them Your Peace and Your Love that can only satisfy the longing in their soul. Let them know how much You love them and will never leave them alone ; that as they call on You, You are faithful to answer. Help them today to trust Your Love and that it’s ok to surrender their pain and sadness to You, help them to trust that in return You will give them unexplainable Joy, Peace and Strength. HalleluYAH 🥰


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