Even In Old Age...

"In old age, they shall bear fruit..."
Usually with each birthday it brings about a mind set of "taking inventory" of the accomplishments as well as the failures in your life; especially once you've pass the 40 or 50 year mark. You finally begin to realize just how precious life is and that we actually DO age! LOL
I remember when I turned 40. I was working in the Investment department of a large bank. They celebrated my "coming of age" by decorating with bunches and bunches of BLACK balloons and BLACK streamers, posters with "Lordy, Lordy Look Who's FORTY" and cards that informed me that NOW I would see what life is REALLY all about and listed the ailments and crises that were sure to follow. They were happy for me...right! They were rejoicing that I was no longer "young" and had joined the ranks of true adulthood. You should have seen those usually serious faced, grey haired bank execs in their suits and ties (had to wear that back then) prancing around eating cake decorated with BLACK letters on paper plates imprinted with a HUGE 40, guess in what color? You got it BLACK! Wait! was this a funeral or a birthday party??!!! I guess now they could look at me, as being old now just like them! 😃 I couldn't get depressed because I was too fascinated watching them in their glee😃 I didn't know whether to be grateful that they had taken so much time and spent so much money to "celebrate" me OR to be scared that these people are happy that I'm getting OLD. 😂 I have to admit though, after that the camaraderie did seem to get better. 😊 What a difference a day can make, one day you're 39 and the next you're the dreaded 40.
Well, that was a while ago and my journey has taken me through many people, places and things and even though it's not near my birthday, recently I was thinking about what positive or negative effect have I had in this world. I guess we all have those times, you know, when you're wondering about your purpose in this life. There is nothing wrong with "wondering" as long as when we are done we will know that we DO have a purpose and our lives have meaning. It is so sad when people believe that they have no worth or purpose and decide to check out on their own. When they've given up and are no longer around to see or hear just how important they were and a positive effect in the lives of others.
Recently during my season of "wondering" about my purpose, I was at the check out counter of Target and noticed that the young cashier was very pregnant. I casually struck up a conversation with her and she began to express some of her fears about having a first baby, if her baby would be healthy and strong and would she be a good mother. Instantly I went into "mother mode" and began to share with her about how I was a very young, 19 years old mother, inexperienced and immature in a whole bunch of things. Her interest was peeked and she even teared up as I encouraged her that she IS a good mother and because she loves her child she WILL do all that she can to make sure he (it's a boy) will be fine. We talked for another minute or two and I felt the love of Yah (God) pour from me to that young woman, there was a warm, sweet presence as I shared with her my past journey and how with the help of Yah (God) I learned to be a good mother and now grandmother.
Walking out of the store afterwards, my step was lighter, my head held a little higher and with a smile on my face, I whispered "Thanks Father for reminding me of my purpose, for making me...ME and for allowing me to see that it is not about titles or positions, notoriety or fame, but it is about being YOUR Hands, YOUR Voice and YOUR Heart to those that maybe no one else will notice or see."
Let me encourage you today, if you are concerned and maybe wondering what is your purpose because you are getting older or you've had a major life change, know this, you DO have purpose and worth. You are not a mistake or mishap, you are on this planet for this time and this season, so begin to pray and ask Yah (God) to show you your purpose and He will. I guarantee you it will not be complicated or confusing, it will be as plain as the nose on your face and even closer. We all have much fruit to bear, yes even oldies like me. Be encouraged, never give up, there is ALWAYS HOPE...you have much fruit to still bear, so get to goin' 😄


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